13 April 2014

Watercolour Nail Art in Neon

The first time I tried to do watercolour nail art the results were... No, let us not speak of it. Here, for the very first time ever and don't listen to any talk of other times, I finally tried my hand at watercolour nail art, and it was so much more fun than I expected!

watercolour nail art neons

With a solid base of white under a well dried coat of SV, I started applying my polishes one nail at a time, one colour at a time, and just a couple of tiny dots at a time. Without giving those dots time to start drying I dipped a paintbrush (bigger than those I use for any nail art) into some acetone and then dabbed the acetoned brush onto the dots. This has the effect of both lifting paint on to the brush and diluting the dot with acetone. Further dabbing spread the "watery" mixture around the nail, and by the time I'd applied all the colours I wanted to use, the white background was covered in watercolour neon.

(and if none of that made sense, there are tons of tutorials for this technique on YouTube)

neon watercolour nails

These were mostly China Glaze, from the 2012 Summer Neons--Flirty Tankini, Surreal Appeal, Hang-Ten Toes, Splish Splash, and I'm With the Lifeguard--and I mixed in some Illamasqua Rare and Milani Neon Fresh Teal. Next time I do these I'll probably use about half as many colours to keep it less crowded and really let the watercolour consistency of the application show through. As it is, though, I'm quite happy with how these turned out!


  1. Awesome!
    I have never tried watercolor - is it hard? :)

  2. Gorgeous, these look so fun and you did a great job!! :)

  3. Beautiful! I need to try this with my China Glaze jelly neons :D
    It's not tacky to use neons in FALL, right? ;p

  4. Love this! Your colours all mixed together really well. I just did some watercolour nails for the firet time but I used acrylic paint.

  5. Gorgeous color combination, perfect for this season and for summer too!

  6. This is amazing! I don't think I've seen a neon water color mani before this! :D


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