01 April 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Purses and Bags

This week's TT theme is a manicure inspired by our purse (or backpack, bag, etc.), and I knew exactly which purse I was going to do. I picked it up for cheap on the road last summer, not intending to use it very long, but as it started to grow on me I also thought about how it might translate into nail art. And then I set it aside a few months ago and forgot to do that manicure, so yay for a theme to remind me!

nail art flowers

First off, yes, that is shatter--OPI White Shatter--and I don't think I've ever liked it more! I know crackle and shatter are so 2011, but I truly think it looks awesome underneath the bright flower nail art. Never would have thought of it without this purse...

flower nail art inspiration

So the base is OPI San Tan-tonio with the White Shatter, and then the rest is acrylic paints. I painted some rough backgrounds for the flowers in white and then mixed up the colours with a whole bunch of water to make them more watercolour-ey, dabbing pink and orange and green, then giving it some black outlines and adding a few white highlights.

nail art flowers

As often as I do floral nail art, it was really fun to try a new way of doing it, and I am definitely going to try incorporating shatter again sometime! Really did enjoy this theme, and I'll have fingers crossed that while I'm on the road I'm able to check in and see what inspiration my fellow Twinsies found this week in their purses and bags!

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  1. Lovin it. :) nothing wrong with using scatters :)

  2. I love your bag (and your nails are the bomb)

  3. Every. Single. Time!! You amaze me girl!! So incredible gorgeous.

  4. This looks amazing! Great way to use the shatter.

  5. I still love crackle! This is a really cute mani :)

  6. This is SO good, I had no idea this was crackle until I read it. Very pretty!

  7. Love this look! The mixture of the nude and the vibrant colors is amazing!

  8. Awesome, really really pretty, love the mix of colours for the flowers and the crackle works perfectly here!! :)

  9. Holy smokessss! LOVE this, the mani and bag!

  10. This matches PERFECTLY! Great look!

  11. This mani is gorgeous!! Love the fun look of your bag too.

  12. It's amazing how much skill you have. This is crazy good!

  13. Stunning effect, very original and creative combination!

  14. Beautiful! Those flowers really pop-up! :-)

  15. I absolutely love your blogspot!
    I have recently started up my own and it would mean the world to me if you could check my blog out (becksberrington.blogspot.com)
    Would be great if we could promote each other/ tell others on our blog about each other
    keep well
    Rebecca xx

  16. I can't believe that is shatter! It's my favorite way to wear it now!

  17. wow, that is absolutely gorgeous, and the detail is spot on x

  18. I love everything about this post! Th ebag, the manicure! It's perfect!

  19. Your bag has such a beautiful print! I love that you used the crackle for the background! :D


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