08 April 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Fave Glitter Topper

Today for TT we're showing our favourite glitter toppers, and for me that's China Glaze Fairy Dust. I use it all the time, especially to finish off gradient manicure, such as here and here, or to add some sparkle to galaxy nails or cherry blossoms. But Fairy Dust also has a lesser-known sister polish, Golden Enchantment, which is gold to Fairy Dust's silver, and that's the one I decided to use today.

gradient nail art

This is such an autumn gradient to be wearing in spring, but these were the colours my eyeballs demanded to see under the golden glitter--from the China Glaze On Safari Collection, I used Kalahari Kiss, Desert Sun, and Exotic Encounters. You can definitely see the warm, golden tint the glitter adds, and this is just one coat of it too. Like Fairy Dust, China Glaze Golden Enchantment has great glitter density and spread. Also like Fairy Dust, its teeny little particles have a holographic sparkle that is fully insane.

gradient nails

In the end I think Fairy Dust might be just a little bit more versatile, and being a silver fan, it's always going to be my favourite. I'm so glad I found about Golden Enchantment, though! I've only used it once before, and both times it has put me in a full-on glitter trance. It's easily making its way up the list of my very favourite glitters!

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  1. I hadn't heard of Golden enchantment before. I really like it! I love gold and being holographic makes it so much better!

  2. I've never seen this polish! It's like how INM has Northern Lights (Fairy Dust dupe) and a gold version! Gorgeous manicure!

  3. I agree - both are very pretty - and I love them both!

  4. The colors do remind me of autumn, but boy does it look good!

  5. I've been torn about getting Golden Enchantment. Over the warm tones here, it's stunning and clearly looks gold, but is that because of the base? Or will Fairy Dust do the same?

  6. What a unique look; i love it!

  7. I've decided to add Golden Enchantment to my list - the way you describe a polish really makes me want it!

  8. This is beautiful! I had no idea a gold Fairy Dust existed!!!!

  9. Wow this is absolutely amazing! I can't believe I hadn't hear of Golden Enchantment...

  10. I love fairy dust sooo much!!! I almost used up my whole bottle! I can't believe I've never heard of this gold version before... I'll have to get some it's beautiful! :)

  11. What a pretty gold glitter! I love this gradient!

  12. Love the colour combo that you used!

  13. I am a huge fan of Fairy Dust, but having a gold equivalent would certainly come in handy! Gorgeous!


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