04 April 2014

Ruffian in Mustard and Silver

After a day of smitten bliss with Zoya Trixie I wasn't ready to take it off yet, so I decided I try a ruffian. It's been ages since I did one of these!

ruffian manicure

Over the Zoya Trixie base went Sally Hanen Complete Salon Manicure Butterscotch...which I'd have called more of a half-dried French's mustard, but they neglected to consult me. (It's not quiiiite as bright yellow as it looks in these pics, but I didn't want to go over-tweaking and risk screwing up the colour balance.)

ruffian manicure

The CSM brush made this type of application so much easier, which was a huge help, considering how long it's been since I last ruffian'd. Over a year, in fact! I probably don't do them as much because Husband doesn't care for them (tactful understatement), but I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes, and I don't do nails for Husband. Except for when I do because I love the way he gets all hypnotized when they're extra-sparkly.

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