25 April 2014

Orly Star Trooper

From the latest Orly FX glitter collection, this is Orly Star Trooper...

Orly Star Trooper swatch

Orly Star Trooper is a cola-brown jelly with translucent white hexes, sparkling bronze shimmer, and tiny, silver and matte white glitters, and while I wasn't 100% sure about this in the bottle, in person it's adorable! I will say I'm not super-smitten with the formula, as it's a bit thin, yet also sticky and stringy somehow, but it turned out not to be that much of a problem. Two generous coats of Star Trooper would be plenty for daily wear, but this is three, for the sake of my various compulsions.

Orly Star Trooper swatch

I love when big brands take a chance on something different, and Orly Star Trooper most definitely qualifies!


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