03 April 2014

Julie G Shark's Cove

I picked up this polish on my last trip to the States, after which it spent far too long waiting its turn in the Big Box o' Untrieds. Now, considering I'm back in the US again and probably adding to the Box's totals as we speak, it felt long past time to give Julie G Shark's Cove a try, and wow, I am so glad I did!

Julie G Shark's Cove swatch

Julie G Shark's Cove is a minty teal with a big lean towards green and a whole lot of silvery shimmer. There's enough shimmer, in fact, that it's nearly a frost, but it pulls up short. And it's not brushstrokey in the least; there's just beautiful boatloads of shimmer.

The first coat of Shark's Cove was pretty streaky, going on all uneven and draggy, but the second coat was loads better. I gave it a third coat for full opacity (and because sometimes I can't stop myself).

Julie G Shark's Cove swatch

Sitting there being all smitten with this pretty, shimmery, minty teal, I thought something about it seemed familiar, and sure enough, I've seen it before--Amanda featured Shark's Cove during the Teal Week I challenged her to do (in exchange for the week of purples I had no choice but to do because she double-dog dared me). I haven't tried a lot of Julie G polishes, but I've loved the ones I've tried so far. I'll be very surprised if the Big Box o' Untrieds doesn't see a few more Julie G's when I get back from this trip!


  1. Wow this is gorgeous, the shimmer is sooooooo pretty and I love green polish!! Great swatches!! :)

  2. I like the colour and the shimmer is beautiful too! :-)

  3. I love how shimmery this is! Gorgeous!!

  4. love this color and the shimmer is gorgeous! :)


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