21 April 2014

Girly Bits Into the Night

With the coming of spring I've been going nuts with all manner of soft, teal colours, so I thought it was about time to veer off in a different direction for a minute. Soft teals are pretty much my favourites, though, so I needed to pick something steeped in awesomeness--and I found it in Girly Bits Into the Night.

Girly Bits Into the Night swatch

With its black, jelly base, I layered two coats of Into the Night over Nfu Oh JS01 (a plain, black jelly), but I wouldn't be surprised at all if people with less obnoxious free edges than mine were perfectly happy with those two coats of it alone...and this is just about the end of me sounding all put-together and impartial and what-not because the fabulousness of this polish is killing me to death!!

(*insert extremely obnoxious noises of giddy glee*)

Girly Bits Into the Night is filled with multi-coloured micro-glitter, as well as scattered, holographic particles, and a bit of pink shimmer...according to the Girly Bits website. Me, I'm far too busy being hypnotized by this rainbow of teeny, tiny sparkles to break it down in such a rational manner.

Accidentally on purpose took a really blurry pic of Into the Night. Kindly dig the insanity of that holographic shimmer!

Girly Bits Into the Night swatch

Seriously, I do not possess the ability to talk in a calm and collected manner about how much I love this polish. At the risk of sounding pushy, just oh my gosh, if you like black or holo or glitter or rainbows or anything that is fabulous, you will LOVE Girly Bits Into the Night.

Girly Bits // Llarowe


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