16 April 2014

Flowers on Zoya Dream

After I wore Zoya Dream and got lost in its amazing shimmer I decided to extend its stay by dressing it up with some flower nail art in orange and blue. If there's a link in that previous sentence to Zoya Dream, then hooray for me, for figuring out how to update these scheduled posts with my iPad! And if there isn't, then hooray for having such a great time with my grandparents that I completely spaced on looking into that. Hey, flowers!

floral nails

The idea with these was to keep the flowers clustered around the edges of the nails so that the shimmering blue could still show through. Ideally I'd have made them a little bit smaller, but this is about as small as I can see and still pretend to be in charge of where those little petal lines wind up. (>_<)

flower nail art

nail art flowers

One thing I'm trying to do more often is mixing my acrylic paints without fully blending them together. I think it gives you some nice texture, like I managed to get with some of these leaves, and in a nutshell that's one of the things I'm continuing to enjoy so much about nail art. I've done a kajillion manicures with flowers, using both polish and paints, and while I'm able to get results I'm very happy with, there's still so much room to keep improving. Not every idea I try works out for the best, but when I manage to pull off something big, like succeeding at a brand new technique, or even something much thinking the leaves look kinda cool when they're not totally blended...I get all excited to see what else I might be able to do.

And when I don't feel like getting all Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey about nail art, I can just enjoy the flowers and the sparkly, blue fingernails.


  1. OHHHH Zoya Dream is indeed a dream - and your roses complete it so well!

  2. Perfect floral manicure and Zoya Dream is gorgeous! :-)

  3. Really pretty! I love the flowers over the scattered holo, great combination :)

  4. Your flowers look amazing over Dream! So dreamy :D

  5. Beautiful! I am crazy about Dream <3

  6. I love designs over holo polishes. Your flowers are perfection!


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