23 April 2014

Barielle Pink Diamond

A few days ago I was checking out the bins at Bonjour and spied the Dazzling Diamonds Collection, a set of five glitter polishes, on sale for about $12US. Yes, please! First one I could not wait to try was Barielle Pink Diamond.

Barielle Pink Diamond swatch

Softly pink and full of sparkle, Pink Diamond is a full coverage glitter, and I'm wearing it here at three coats. Two coats was pretty good, in fact, but three was well opaque, even to my VNL-phobic eyes. And the formula was also great--easy to spread, good glitter/polish flow, and the glitter didn't try to clump or slide.

Barielle Pink Diamond swatch

It puts me in mind of a softer, paler butter LONDON Rosie Lee, and I'm actually really surprised by how much I love both of these glitters! In most things I just don't seem to care for rosy pinks, but make it glitter, and I am hooked.

Less than $3US for a full-size Barielle glitter this fabulous? SCORE! ^_^


  1. Ooh wow! This glitter looks amazing! So shimmery!

  2. Very pretty! It reminded me of Rosie Lee as well. :)

  3. Beautiful, it looks like it's full of diamonds :-)


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