27 March 2014

Zoya Trixie

Given my mad crush on Zoya Ziv, how much I absolutely adore it as the most awesome gold foil I could ever need, it occurred to me that Zoya might also have a passable silver up its sleeve, and when I spotted Trixie I could not resist.

Zoya Trixie swatch

I swatched Zoya Trixie a couple of weeks ago. Usually when I swatch I make some notes for later, like how many coats, formula quality, anything else that might be worth mentioning, come write-up time. Well, I just checked Trixie's "notes," and here's what it said.
and...YES. Oh, yes!
This is literally the extent of my notes on Zoya Trixie.

Zoya Trixie swatch

Delving into actual memory, Trixie looked good in two coats, but a few fingers got three because of reasons. The foil is so fine that the polish really does reflect light. It's not a mirror reflection, but it's probably as close as you're going to come without special base coats and fussy formulas. I'd love to wax poetic about how fabulous a beauty Trixie really is, but I think I'm still a little speechless. Now I have a favourite silver to go with the gold!


  1. Trixie was the first Zoya in my collection and she is still my hands down, absolute favorite silver polish of all time, ever & ever, AMEN!

  2. Your nails would go perfectly with my silver post today lol. This is beautiful!

  3. Wow, this is so amazing! I love this shade!!!

  4. I love this polish and these kind of metallic ones can be used very well for stamping!
    I wish you a great weekend!

  5. Hi...I was going to comment that I love Trixie as well, and that I’d actually gone through two bottles of it before I found Orly’s Dazzle, which I bought with some hesitation but have found it to be as good as Trixie and a better deal to boot. But then I thought, “Hey, why don’t I do a search on DMN and see if she’s already tried Dazzle,” so I did and found five previous manis you did with Orly’s Dazzle. So now I’m amending, “Hey, think about giving Orly’s Dazzle a try,” to, “Having now tried both, do you prefer Zoya’s Trixie or Orly’s Dazzle?” For me, they run even-steven, though I’ve never used either for nail art (which I’m sure brings a whole new level of needed formula qualities into consideration depending on technique) and I see you’ve done a few watermarbles with Dazzle. I also very much like Orly’s Luxe (I’ve gone through a bottle of that too) but have never tried Zoya’s Ziv. When I place a Zoya order, I usually put Ziv in my cart, then think about the bottle of Luxe I have, and remove Ziv from my cart. Lastly, I do have Zoya’s Freja (a darker silver than Trixie but the same finish, I think) and have been thinking a gradient with Freja and Trixie or Dazzle would be pretty. That may sound like a lot of blather but I did actually ask a question I’d like to know your view on: Do you prefer Zoya’s Trixie or Orly’s Dazzle? Oh...and why? Thanks!

    1. Um, sorry...you've done a few Saran Wraps with Dazzle. I must be losing my (water)marbles. :) Delphi


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