25 March 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Winter to Spring

This week's TT theme is polish for the transition from winter to spring. I expected this to be one of those themes I get all angsty about because I'm impressively horrible at narrowing down options and making a choice, but I easily picked what may well be one of my top ten polishes ever, China Glaze Sea Spray.

china glaze sea spray

The soft, grey-ish blue of Sea Spray is a beautiful go-between for the cold skies of winter and the pretty pastels of spring, and the coming of spring always makes me think of cherry blossoms. I've never done cherry blossom nail art over a blue like Sea Spray before--I usually go for more minty teals--but I absolutely loved the way these turned out.

I did the branches and blossoms with acrylic paint, putting in more work than was strictly necessary... I carefully mixed together black and brown with more water than usual to make a nice watercolour consistency for the branches, and they turned out beautifully. Absolutely gorgeous. And then I covered them almost completely with flowers. I'm not going to complain too much, though, because this was the first time I tried a whole manicure with this style of flower, and I was really happy with the result.

cherry blossom nail art

You might spot a teeny bit of tip wear on my index finger, but this was on my third day of wearing these, which is, like, eons in manicure time. And I wore it for another day and a half beyond this too--I kept even them on for my birthday I liked them so much, but then, I'm a sucker for China Glaze Sea Spray, and I'm a sucker for cherry blossom nails. Put the two together, and I was pretty much defenseless.

Crossing fingers like crazy that my posts are posting as scheduled because I should be in the air as this one goes up and on my way to the United States. It may take me a couple of days to fight through the jet lag and stuff, but soon as I get my head screwed back on and know what day it is, I'll be sure to come see what my fellow Twinsies chose for their winter to spring polishes!

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  1. Safe travels to you! This mani is really pretty!

  2. I love this. It's perfect in every way shape and form.

  3. These are gorgeous! The Cherry Blossom looks so nice! :)

  4. This is so pretty and delicate! Great job!

  5. Sea Spray is so pretty!! Love this mani!

  6. This is such a gorgeous look! The base is perfect for transition period and the cherry blossoms are just so spring!

  7. This is gorgeous! Sea Spray was one of those must have shades.

  8. This is perfection! What was the bright pink you used in this?

  9. Such a gorgeous color. Really loving your nail art as well :)

  10. This is beautiful! Sea Spray is perfect! I love your blossoms!

  11. arizona ice tea comes to my mind immediately :)

  12. This is the perfect transition! I love how soft it is!


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