18 March 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Tip nail art

I had such an idea for this week's theme--a wild and gaudy, fun idea! And then for some reason sanity gripped me, and I went in completely the other direction and wound up so far into conservative that I was physically incapable of leaving it alone. So, I dressed it back up a tiny bit, and with a little fuss and a lot of top coat I think I may just have got there in the end...even if it's a bit shy on camera.

lined tips with flakies

I started with a base of Zoya Cho, which I finally picked up last week after eyeing it for ages. I thought it would make a great mannequin-nude neutral for flower nail art and such, and now that I've tried it I still think it will. Unfortunately the formula and I aren't quite in love. It wasn't especially difficult with pulling or anything, but it was a bit thin. I needed 3-4 coats to feel like I'd got it all completely opaque and even and still felt like I needed to rush a quick layer of top coat to help smooth before I went on.

Once Cho was coated and dry enough I used striping tape to mark off the tips and hit them with two coats of OPI San Tan-tonio. Crisp and neutral and quite nice, in fact, but it wasn't quite "there" to me yet. So, even though I'd already top coated the combination, I added a layer of Essie Shine of the Times because flakies are always, always awesome. And then I thought, "Ooh, I bet it would look lovely matte!" and covered up with NYC Matte Me Crazy. It looked fabulous too! At least on my index finger. For some weird reason, the other fingers refused to go matte for me, so I did a second coat...which didn't work either, so the whole manicure got yet another hit of regular top coat (INM Out the Door), for a grand total of something like a dozen coats of polish?? Dag, it's a good thing I went with the "sane" option this week...

lined tips with flakies

Unfortunately, with so many layers of top coat the flakies aren't doing as much reflecting and refracting or whatever unicorn dandruff magic it is they do, so while they ended up looking swank enough in person, I don't think it quite translated for the camera. Hopefully my fellow Twinsies had a little better luck this week with their tips!

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  1. These polishes look stunning together! You nailed the tips altogether, they are perfection.

  2. I just cracked up at unicorn dandruff!!! Hahahaha! I like the subtle vibe of the flakies.

  3. Unicorn Dandruff?!!! HAHAHAHA!! I think this looks great! Super classy!

  4. I love the flakies! They are very pretty and add something special.

  5. I am pretty in love with this nude and flakie combo! Gorgeous!

  6. I love this type of french with the stripe! Its neutral but glittery; perfect :)

  7. Lovely effect, I like the base colour! :-)

  8. Simple, yet so pretty!! I love it!

  9. Unicorn dandruff-I'm gonna have to borrow that description sometime! ;) And I love how this mani turned out. It's deceptively simple and so, so lovely!

  10. I've never seen a nude and flakie combo and i'm loving it! I may borrow this idea! love it!

  11. I think yours came out great! Definitely love the colors :D

  12. Unicorn dandruff?! LOL - I love the terms you come up with! Nudes and flakies, haven't tried it but I must.


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