31 March 2014

Shimmer Polish Linna

*press sample*
I was so looking forward to wearing this one! I mean, teal plus glitter? I don't know if you could dream up a combination that's more me--and Shimmer Polish Linna did not disappoint!

Shimmer Polish Linna swatch

Linna is packed with blue, green, and teal glitters, as well as the most wonderful highlights of silver and gold and red...and I don't know if there's also some actual "shimmer" in there too or if some of the glitter is just that teeny, but the combination is an absolute dream. I especially love those occasional glints of red--the bit of contrast it adds is just a perfect touch.

Shimmer Polish Linna swatch

This is two coats of Shimmer Polish Linna, applied regularly, over Nubar Mystique, a green-leaning teal that really meshes with Linna's colours. Alternately, with this mix of glitters you could probably wear Linna over just about anything, or build it up to opacity by itself if you prefer. Lots of versatility here, and omigosh, they're so teeny-tiny, but it has little square glitters, which are just the cutest! Not that you can really see in person with the naked eye and all, but they contribute so much to Linna's amazing visual texture--though I'm amazed all over again that such a rich glitter can be so smooth with just hit of top coat...

Yep, I think I've officially become a Shimmer Polish fangirl.

Shimmer glitters can be purchased at Shimmer Polish, Etsy, and Dazzled.


  1. This is so pretty! I have a handful of Shimmers in my stash but now I just need to wear them.


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