13 March 2014

OPI Emotions Liquid Sand

Somehow I managed not to see swatches of OPI Emotions before I spied it at the store, but I saw "Liquid Sand" and "black" and just had to give it a try. It was kind of fun, really, like an experiment, because I had no idea what to expect!

OPI Emotions swatch

My thoughts during application went something like this...
first brush: What the--wow, that is really gritty.
first coat on: Hmm. I don't know about this one...
first coat dry: Oh, now I see--OK, there's some potential here!
second coat on: Eugh...do not like. It's like a gluggy creme with bits in.
second coat drying: Well, okay, that's not as bad as...maybe it'll...?
second coat dry: YES.

Like many Liquid Sands and Pixie Dusts, Emotions' texture looks a bit exaggerated all close-up like this; in person it isn't nearly so rough. The finish looks like crushed up bits of coal, and I mean that in the best way. The surface doesn't look jagged and lumpy--the light just glints off at different angles, showing the subtle difference between the polish and the sand and giving it a hint of sparkle. Emotions isn't glittery by any means, and at first I thought that would be disappointing, but the matte and the twinkle are in such great balance (assuming you got your coats nice and thin) that the longer I look at this unique finish, the more I really like it! Like What Wizardry is This?, it's grunge-glam without screaming for attention. I think it's a look that would be equally at home dressed up or down.

OPI Emotions Liquid Sand swatch

If OPI wanted to make more Liquid Sands in this low-sparkle formula, I would not object at all. In fact, I would enable. Come to think of it, I'd probably just sit behind them and whisper, "Come on, do it, you know it'll be fun. All the cool kids are making Liquid Sands--don't you wanna be cool?" And then I'd suggest more of the sparkly ones too...and more of those awesome suedes while they're at it, and then maybe some sort of Doctor Who, Trek, or Sherlock tie-in because I am never not in fangirl mode...and then I'd keep them up nights whispering about how the Pirates of the Caribbean collection needs to come back as core. Apparently I have a lot of whispering to do, but I stand by my demands. Or suggestions. Whatever. Bring the Pirates shades back, more pop culture colour, absolutely suede me up, and please, more of these awsome Liquid Sands!


  1. I have OPI Liquid Sand Can't Let Go (purple) and Get Your Number (blue) and I love both of them, just like I love your OPI Emotions :-)

  2. lol I like your thoughts as you applied the polish. This looks pretty cool!

  3. I love your description, it is very funny. I have a liquid sand OPI polish and I didn't had the time to try it until now, but you made me very curious!

  4. I recently got this myself, and was in much the same boat as you during application. At first, I was nervous, then a bit underwhelmed, then down right "no way, is this going to work!" then finally amazed by it! So I totally understand what you went through with this!


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