14 March 2014

Marimekko-inspired Flowers

A few days ago I noticed they were putting in a Marimekko downstairs, and while they remodel, the walls are all temporarily boarded up and covered with their most famous flower print. I took one look, said "I'll be having that, thanks," and then went home to commit some nail art.

Marimekko flower nails

I started with a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and the flowers are acrylic paints. I wish I hadn't left quite so much white space, but then I also wish I had a pony. Even if they're not exactly Marimekko, I still think they turned out cute, which is probably more important than my need to be all self-critical. Bright and colourful flowers are happy and stuff!

Marimekko-inspired nail art

Ooh, I'd already planned on trying these in blue, but I just spied a fantastic black version of this pattern on their website, which I'm going to have to have a go at as well. Suddenly I'm getting all excited about this new store! Well played, temporary wall. Well played.


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