21 March 2014

Dear Rus Noblesse NM22

Yet another adorable polish that deserves a more descriptive name, Dear Rus Noblesse NM22 is a perfect polish to celebrate the beginning of spring!

Dear Rus Noblesse NM22 swatch

NM22 is a great Korean yogurt-style polish. It's a style popularized by a lot of indie makers as well--basically, it's a jelly/crelly with a milky consistency that has glitters mixed in, sort of like bits of fruit in a creamy yogurt. This one is a bit more green and has just a little more pigment than most yogurts I've seen before, but whatever, it can be a green tea smoothie.

This is 3 coats of Dear Rus Noblesse NM22, a light, bright green with glitters in fuchsia pink and cyan blue. There's a great balance between opacity and glitter, allowing it to cover any VNL while letting the glitters peek through. I'm crazy about these colours together, but at arm's length the blue does blend into the green a bit. Still, it's really cute and colourful!

Dear Rus Noblesse NM22 swatch

This shade of green is so springtime vibrant, kind of a cross between new leaves and wasabi, and there's a little bit of murk to it, just a teeny hint of dust that gives it some extra appeal. This makes two Dear Rus polishes tried so far, and I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I like them both. Not at all bad for an impulse buy from the Bonjour bargain bins!

(No idea offhand if they have this one in stock, but Dear Rus can also be purchased on Llarowe.)


  1. I got this from Llarowe about a month ago but I haven't wore it yet, your swatch compels me to get this on my nails, STAT! :)

  2. This is such a cute polish! I'm so happy it's spring! :D


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