06 March 2014

Color Club Angel Kiss

A few days ago I realized I still had one of the Halo Hues that I hadn't swatched, and I could not allow such a state of affairs to continue. Full of holographic awesomeness, this is Color Club Angel Kiss.

Color Club Angel Kiss swatch

Angel Kiss is a linear holographic polish in a lovely, light shade of seafoam green. The first coat was a bit watery, but the second one was nicely opaque. Beyond that, I don't even know what to say because it's yet another rave in an entire Halo Hues collection of raves.

Color Club Angel Kiss swatch

Pretty seafoam colour? Check. Gorgeous rainbow-holo flare? Check. Smooth and easy formula? Also check.

Color Club Angel Kiss swatch

I don't think any of the other major brands has come close to nailing holo the way Color Club did with this two-part Halo Hues collection. I keep hoping against hope for another batch, and I am actually sad to think this may be my last Halo Hue to swatch because they've been so wonderful.

Please, Color Club, please let me give you more money!


  1. I love all of the Halo hues - they are so amazing!

  2. I love this colour! Couldn't agree with you more, no brand has come close to replicating the Halo hues never mind surpassing them.

    1. I agree as well, they are hands-down the best holos ever (no need for special base coat, opaque in 2 coats, brilliant holo flare, etc, etc, etc!). I really really really hope they do another collection, I would love to see them do a set of true primary colors!

  3. This is so pretty! I can't wait until it's super sunny so I can wear mine.

  4. The holos of this collection are so beautiful! This one is really gorgeous!

  5. I love all Color Club holos and this shade is gorgeous! :-)


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