16 March 2014

a-England Sleeping Palace

Courtesy of Dazzled, I have a beauty of a polish to share today--this is a-England Sleeping Palace!

a-England Sleeping Palace swatch

It's part of the Burne-Jones Collection, inspired by Edward Burne-Jones' The Legend of Briar Rose, a series of paintings depicting scenes from Sleeping Beauty, and as such, I couldn't have chosen a much better polish to show on my birthday if I'd tried. (Boom, subtle birthday reference, nailed it.)

a-England Sleeping Palace swatch

a-England Sleeping Palace is a dusky aubergine, a rich, smoky plum, with a subtle, gorgeous helping of scattered holographic shimmer. Because it's an a-England the formula is awesome, pretty much by definition. Rich but easy to spread, nicely pigmented, very nearly opaque in just one coat, and I think you could insert that same description for just about every a-England I've tried. Consistently fabulous, amazing colour, absolutely lush.

a-England Sleeping Palace swatch

Dazzled ships internationally, and as sheer coincidence would have it (for real, I just noticed!), they're having a 20% Off sale right now that includes a-England polishes. Looks like it's a good day for me to pick up a few new pretties because...did I mention...?

Happy Birthday to Me !!!


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