03 February 2014

Zoya Gemma

Several trips to the polish store, and I kept checking out Zoya Gemma and putting it away, picking it up and passing again. I just wasn't sure if it could live up to the rich, shimmering bottle, but I'm so glad I gave in because it absolutely did.

Zoya Gemma swatch

Zoya Gemma is a fantastic, shimmery, olive green. It's one of those "oil slick" shimmers that, instead of being a more literally shimmering sparkle, sort of dances above the surface. The luminous purple-blue isn't shy, but even in lighting/angles where it's not as prominent, you still get a hint of something almost glowing.

The purple-blue colour also gives a gorgeous bit of counterpoint to a green that's olive but isn't murky or dark. I'd even call it a springtime olive, somehow managing to be bright and cheerful but still richly olive, playful yet subdued. This is a polish with a lot of personality!

Zoya Gemma swatch

A bit of a crelly, Zoya Gemma spreads well and is easy to control. It's worth noting that it takes a minute to self-level, but it gets there. The first coat was a bit thinner than I expected, due to the surprise crelly formula, but the second was much better and nearly fully opaque (I didn't want to go too thick and risk bubbles). Third coat was the charm.

When it comes to buying polish lately I've been trying to err on the side of restraint...at least until I get a new Helmer or two...but I'm really glad I came down off the fence with Gemma.


  1. What a pretty polish, definitely going on the wish list :)

  2. This is beautiful! I really like that shimmer it has!

  3. THis is hands down my all time fave ZOYA and green polish ever!


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