27 February 2014

Wayback Nails: Blue Foil Flowers

Once again, my Wayback Nails slip in just under the wire! (I actually did these about a week ago, but they had to wait their place in line... anyway!) Looking back to last February, I particularly liked these dotted flowers over Orly Sweet Peacock and wanted to give that combination another try, only this time I did just a bit more flowery flowers.

flower nail art

The original Twinsie Tuesday assignment last year was "school colours," so I kept my university's white, blue, and yellow/gold. As I mentioned, Orly Sweet Peacock for the base, and I do wish they'd make more of these fabulous foils! The colour and formula are just wonderful. The white is Pure Ice Superstar!, the yellow is Bourjois Jaune trendy, and the gold is again Zoya Ziv (aka the most awesome goil foil ever). The leaves are Essie The More The Merrier with Essie Pretty Edgy.

nail art flowers

Taking a harder look, I think the original, simpler design, which features more of the gold (and a brighter yellow), ties the flowers in better with the bright, foil background, but these were still quite cute in person and got me looking forward to spring--which actually got here today! Which means, of course, that we're about 2 weeks away from summer. You can not buy, beg, borrow, or steal more beautiful weather than Hong Kong in the springtime. If only it were an actual season, instead of just a fleeting mood... (dramatic sigh)

And now I have this track from The Dark Side of the Moon stuck in my head.

nail art flowers

Definitely think more of the gold is in order (and maybe some smaller leaves), but it was fun to revisit this combination! I haven't worn Sweet Peacock since last year's design, and I'm not kidding, Orly, please to be making more of these foils! It also put me in the mood to start doing more flower nail art again, which I haven't as much of so far this year...

Yeah, I'm trying to tie this post up with a coherent conclusion, but I went and started playing the full album of The Dark Side of the Moon on YouTube, and now I'm all distracted and surrounded by musical awesome. This post has ended in a very different place from where it started.

"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day..."


  1. Beautiful manicure and great post, I enjoy your wanderings!

  2. cool color combo, love how that blue and green look together :D

  3. Wow I love how the colors go so well together! Everything just pops! :D


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