11 February 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day coming up later this week, it's our theme for today's Twinsie Tuesday! When it comes to Valentine's Day I'm of two minds. I mean, hearts and pink and red and lace and fluffy, smooshy romance stuff? Honestly, I love it. I am a sucker for that romance jazz. But I'm also a stubborn, contrary person by nature, and I can't help but rebel at the idea that I must be romantic on a certain date. So, wanting to do some Valentine's Day nail art that's cute and romantic but not wanting to hit it too on the nose, I found this adorable patchwork hearts tutorial by Simply Rins and just could not resist it!

Valentine patchwork hearts nail art

Even falling short of the original, I'm so happy with these! I was so tempted to go with OPI Fly just like Rina did, but my base is Nubar Geisha Blaze, a candywow pink with the most increcible purple-blue "oil slick" shimmer. The design was done with acrylic paint, and the contrast between the black and white and the atomic pink pops like mad. I am absolutely going to keep these for tomorrow too and wear my black and white sweater with the zig-zag stripes. And then I'll find some excuse to go run some errands or something because these nails are just too bright to keep cooped up indoors all day!

Valentine heart nail art

Thanks, Simply Rins, for such a fun design and tutorial! I look forward to seeing what the other TT ladies did for this week's theme!

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  1. Love this. The base colour is so pretty!

  2. This is so cute! I love the patchwork hearts! The base colour is such a nice pink too!

  3. I love that Nubar! These are gorgeous!

  4. Just as good as Simply Rins! Love that base color you picked!!!! amazing!

  5. It's so adorable - and wow, that Nubar goes right on my wish list!

  6. Beautiful polish color and a super cute design!

  7. your patchwork hearts are cute!

  8. I love the patchwork hearts! The pink base is perfection as well :)

  9. Those patchwork hearts look awesome! Such a fun idea and perfectly executed to boot! :)

  10. Aww the little heart patches are adorable! :D


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