19 February 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Stash

This week we had another unusual TT theme, our polish collections! I know my fellow Twinsies are planning to show some pictures of their stashes, maybe their polishes and/or what their storage areas look like... Well, the current state of my Helmer--of all of my stash--forcibly reminds me of the interior of my poor, wonderful car during college, which is to say, it's appalling and most certainly deserves better. Husband and I have an IKEA trip on the "to do" list to get two more Helmers, in the hopes that we might reclaim the dining room...as well as several areas of the living room currently embroiled in border skirmishes...though to be honest, I expect those to fall any day to the unstoppable juggernaut of the lacquer advance. There's the Helmer, the top of the Helmer, the floor next to the Helmer, the coffee table, the boxes underneath the coffee table, the large bag next to the coffee table, the dining room table, the bags next to the dining room table, the Big Box o' Untrieds next to the dining room table, the boxes next to the Big Box o' Untrieds next to the dining room table... So, photographing this madness was right out.

I did, however, actually count up what I have in that Helmer for the first time ever, and considering it may only hold 1/3 of my total collection, I am now fully prepared to grant that I just might, in fact, have a problem. A wonderful, rainbow-coloured, glittering, shimmery problem that's in desperate need of taming.

Right now I store things by colour, without separating further by brand, and I think that's going to continue. I'll definitely be spreading things out a bit, though, because the drawers are getting reeeeally crammed. Right now it's...

Top Drawer: (93) Base & top coats; white, grey, and black; neutrals (beige to brown).
2nd Drawer: (95) Yellow, orange, red, pink, purple.
3rd Drawer: (96) Blues, greens, and ALL THE TEALS.
4th Drawer: (81) Glitter drawer, including full coverage, toppers, and glitters-in-jelly.
5th Drawer: (75) Assorted drawer, including holos, metallic foils, flakies, and textured polishes.
Bottom Drawer: Stuff & things. Cosmetic sponges, nail stickers, etc.

Fascinating, right?! Well, just for fun, I decided that since I wasn't going to share any pics of my stash itself, I'd paint my nails like I store my polish. Actually hang on a second--the building might be on fire... Aaaand I'm back. No fire, just machinery a couple of floors down, suddenly belching smoke like it's the Industrial Revolution. So yes! Nail art with stuff!

Really hoping I can get some good tips from the other Twinsies about managing this stash! Also hoping this lovely, thick smoke outside my window decides to wander off soon. Cheers!

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