04 February 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Red Nails for Heart Health

This first TT post in February is red nails, in support of American Heart Month, and while I had all these nail art ideas swirling around in my head, I dialed it down and decided to swatch a red polish that's been languishing in the Helmer, just waiting its turn...

Orly Ignite swatch

This is Orly Ingite, from the Fall 2012 Fired Up Collection. One of those "classic Hollywood" reds, Ignite appears anywhere between cherry and blood, depending on the light. It's not too dark, actually drying a little lighter--and a little less blue-leaning--than the bottle, likely because of the crelly-like formula.

Orly Ignite swatch

I call the formula "crelly-like" because I think it's supposed to be a jelly, but I don't feel like it actually gets there. It has all of the translucence but none of that "squish" or body I associate with jelly polishes. Due to its thinness, it went on a bit unevenly, and while I'd have done 3 coats anyway to cover the VNL, it actually needed all 3 to even out the patchy spots.

I definitely love the rich, ruby colour of Orly Ignite, but the formula just didn't thrill me. Do want to try it again with some glitter sandwiched between coats, though--I think it'd work great for that! Also may take a stab at some nail art on top of it tomorrow, but if it doesn't work, I shall disavow all knowledge of that plan. In the meantime, when you have just a couple of minutes free, please think about swinging by the American Heart Association to find out about American Heart Month and what you can do to help keep your heart healthy!

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  1. Its a lovely shade of red. I can understan your frustration with the formula! that kind of thing would do my head in too.

  2. That red looks amazing on you! I am jealous! I am fish belly white with weird undertones and I am always looking for a good red. Looks great Elizabeth!

  3. Haha, languishing in your helmer, that was a good one :) This polish is stunning on you, I love how glossy it looks.

  4. Red jellies just make my heart skip a beat! (Corny, I know, but had to go there)

  5. I think this would make an awesome glitter sandwich! And it is gorgeous!!

  6. This is a really pretty color on you; too bad it sounds like the formula wasn't the best.

  7. This red looks great! I love the jelly/crelly look of it!

  8. Looks good on you! Definitely seems like it would make a great jelly sandwich.

  9. Shame about the formula because that is a stunning colour!

  10. I love red jellies! This is so pretty too bad about the formula.

  11. Looks lovely! I hate fighting formula tho! :)

  12. This is such a gorgeous red!!! Looks great on you!

  13. Oh man, this red is GORGEOUS! I love the depth to it!

  14. Such a lovely red for this post! :D


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