25 February 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Favourite Brand

This week Twinsie Tuesday is wearing our favourite nail polish brands! With so many to choose from I decided to stick with mainstream brands (because srsly, indies? way too much awesome, starting with a sexy wink at you, CrowsToes), but even then, there are so many ways to pick a favourite. OPI's formula is consistently the best, and this past year I've been ubersmitten with their Liquid Sands. And even beyond the Pixie Dusts, Zoya seems to have one or more unique standout in every collection that blows me away. Overall, though, for sheer creativity and range of shades, I have to go with China Glaze.

water marble manicure

When I first started following nail blogs and assembling my stash, China Glaze caught my eye right away with their bold, bright colours that wander off the beaten path of perpetual reds and pinks. So, I wanted to do a water marble to show off some of their unique shades, and since it's such a retro design to start with, I thought it would be fun to go retro with the colours as well... Behold, every American kitchen from the late '60s to the very early '80s, when everything was harvest gold, avocado, and that burnt shade of orange! Or, in China Glaze colours, Kalahari Kiss, Desert Sun, Elephant Walk, Call of the Wild, and Budding Romance--all but the last of which came from the fabulously rich China Glaze On Safari collection.

retro water marble nails

I haven't been as crazy about China Glaze's more recent collections, but I think that's to do with their willingness to try new things. Those new things aren't always going to be a hit, but that same creativity brings us so many great shades like For Audrey, Ruby Pumps, Lubu Heels, Dorothy Who?, the original OMG collection... I will say that I look forward to hearing better things about CG's formulas than I have with recent collections, because the colours they come out with continue to be totally amazing.

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  1. I completely agree with you, they are one of the more creative brands and even though I don't like their latest stuff it's still something different that no other brand has dared to try yet.

  2. I love the color palate you went for here. And I agree, CG has the best variety of shades. It's my favorite too!

  3. Your nails look so nice! I can't do water marble nails for the life of me.. jealous!

    I'm a new follower, I found you through the Twinsie Tuesday links :) Hope to see you around my blog!

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  4. I am so jealous you got CG to work for water marbling! I can never get them to work for me, which sucks since I have the most CG out of any brand :(

  5. Great post Elizabeth! And great points that even though not everything sticks, China Glaze keeps trying new ideas and concepts. They do not play it safe, and that is to be admired.

  6. China Glaze was the first brand I ever bought from when I first got into polish. I loved all of the colors and finishes they had to choose from. They're still one of my favorites to date. By the way, I love the marble you created!

  7. Your marble is absolutely gorgeous! It was a tough call between Zoya and ChG for me too!

  8. Gorgeous combo for this marble. ChG makes some of the best ugly pretty colors.

  9. Oh LOVE!!! As a child of the (early) 70's (I'm dating myself here!) I absolutely adore your color palate!

  10. I loveeee what you did here! I also agree, although I didn't pick CG, they are really adventurous with their new polish choices and I like that about them.

  11. I love the colors you used. Very fall-like. Love China Glaze.

  12. Such a pretty water marble! I can't do it to save my life. Lol. Your post cracked me up!

  13. I LUV me some CG too...although I totally have been bummed with the past few collections :( Hopefully the next couple will make up for it :)

  14. Your water marble is perfect! China Glaze is certainly a staple in my collection.

  15. Perfect watermarble :-) I'm could die of jelousy! But, it's a positive kind of jelousy, don't worry! Excellent job! I wish I could do it! :-)

  16. A neat watermarble with perfect color choisses! I am very bad at this tehnique so I am drooling over your nails, because they are fabulous!

  17. Your water marble is stunning! I love how the colors complement each other! :D


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