14 February 2014

Kinda-Sorta-Valentine's Composite

Like the pink, patched hearts a few days ago, I wanted today's Valentine's Day nail art to be heart-y and stuff, but I didn't want to hit the holiday too squarely on the nose. So, I decided to do a composite manicure that included hearts but maybe played around with the colour scheme and apparently somehow Germany and/or Mickey Mouse wandered into the motif? Kinda-sorta-Valentine's nails!

Valentine composite manicure

Bases from index to pinky are Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Milani Red Sparkle, OPI Need Sunglasses?, and Nfu Oh 132, and the red details are Zoya Livingston. Not trying to make the flowers precise, I used a dotting tool to dab the very basic shapes and drew sketchy outlines and leaves with a striper polish. The ring finger hearts--and of course the dots--were dotted as well.

That Milani Red Sparkle glitter is advertised as a one-coater, and while I was dubious about that, I have to say that if I wasn't being all careful and paranoid about close-ups, one coat would have totally done it! (Just a quick note, though--there are two different Milani Red Sparkle glitters, this one and another with some gold glitter mixed in. And going by the number doesn't help because they're both Milani 521 Red Sparkle. True story!)

Valentine composite manicure

Not a ton else to say about these--I think I blew my "fascinating anecdote" wad with the intriguing tale of "Two Glitters, One Name!" up there--so I'll just leave off with a big and sincere Happy Valentine's Day! Or if you prefer, Happy Germany! or Happy Mickey Mouse! Whichever of those makes you smile the most. ^_^


  1. Strange mix but beautiful! :-) I love those Mickey Mouse hearts! :-) Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Tanja! I hope you had a great V-Day! ^_^

  2. Um, that is KINDA SORTA AWESOME. That's a pretty cool twist!

  3. This is awesome! I love your ring finger nail :D


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