20 February 2014

Happy Hands For British Eyes Only

It's Day 3 of Happy Hands week, with more of the "I've Made a Huge Mistake" collection!

With thanks again to Dazzled, this is Happy Hands For British Eyes Only...

Happy Hands For British Eyes Only swatch

Michael: I need access to these files that are apparently for British eyes only.
Rita: Well, lucky for you, my whole face is British.

Happy Hands For British Eyes Only (♫ For British Eyes Only... ♫) is a gorgeously twinkling collection of teal/blue/green glitters in a teal-tinted, jelly base. In its original incarnation, I saw this one build to a nice opacity. I wasn't able to make that happen with this thinner-yet-sparklier version, but that's a trade-off I don't mind making, given the depth of colour you get in this mix's glitters. So, this is two coats layered over Orly Green With Envy, a teal jelly that turned out to be an amazing match.

Happy Hands For British Eyes Only swatch

There is so. much. twinkle. going on in this polish! I've mentioned before that Husband particularly enjoys seeing my nails all sparkly and blue... Well, he noticed these nails in the middle of a sentence, and I never did hear the end of it. He just stopped and stared and pretty much stalled until I could get his attention again. Dude was officially transfixed, and I'm pretty sure I could have hypnotized him into going forth to do my bidding. So, we both give Happy Hands For British Eyes Only (♫ For British Eyes Only... ♫) very high marks for its amazing brilliance!

Happy Hands For British Eyes Only swatch

Thanks so much again to Dazzled for giving me the chance to share these! I started coveting the Happy Hands "I've Made a Huge Mistake" Collection at very first sight and had especially high hopes for this one. It would be nice if it still built to a more opaque finish, but it would also be nice if I had a pony. The jelly base is certainly rich and tinted enough that if you don't mind some VNL, it will look just great on its own. And if you're like me and prefer to layer, it's easily worth it for the sparkle and colour you get from Happy Hands For British Eyes Only.

♪♫ For British Eyes Only... ♫♪


  1. I need this one too! It's so pretty and I just love the name of it.

  2. This one is lovely! I love the glitters :D

  3. This is such a lovely polish!


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