23 February 2014

Happy Hands Banana Stand

Crossing the finish line, it's Day 7 of the Happy Hands "I've Made a Huge Mistake" Collection! Thanks to Dazzled for letting me share these--and thanks to Happy Hands as well for making such a fantastic batch of polishes in honour one of my very favourite shows, Arrested Development.

The last polish in this collection is named for the cornerstone of the Bluth family business. It's a popular hangout on the Balboa Island wharf, the big, yellow joint that dates back to 1953. This is Happy Hands Banana Stand.

Happy Hands Banana Stand swatch

Michael: I need the flight records, Dad. I'm trying to find some money for the family.
George: There's always money in the banana stand.

[Michael, unimpressed and resentful, burns the banana stand to the ground.]

George: There was $250,000 lining the walls of the banana stand.
Michael: What?
George: Cash, Michael!
Michael: Why didn't you tell me that?
George: How much clearer can I say, "There's always money in the banana stand!"

Happy Hands Banana Stand is a yellow jelly polish, with small glitters in yellow and brown and tiny specks of green. I have to say I'm very impressed by the balances struck here--the glitter is well suspended in the polish without sinking too deep or riding on top, and the yellow jelly actually builds easily to opacity without swallowing the glitter. That glitter spreads beautifully too, without any need to dab it around or rearrange it. All considered, quite the balancing act, and the result is amazing!

Two coats was great for daily wear, but I hit it with a third for the camera because sometimes I just can't stop myself.

Happy Hands Banana Stand swatch

Pretty much every review I've seen of Happy Hands Banana Stand has said that it was even cuter in person, and I totally agree. I thought it looked cute and kinda fun when I saw it in pictures, but in person it's freaking adorable. Definitely unique among my stash as well!

Honestly, not exaggerating, wearing Banana Stand I would look down at my nails and think, "Okay, how is it this cute?!" And then a little time would go by, and then I'd look at my hands, and it would hit me all over again. "Seriously, how is this polish so adorable?!" No idea, but am absolutely smitten.

Happy Hands Banana Stand swatch

Thank you so much, Dazzled, for letting me share Banana Stand and the rest of the Happy Hands "I've Made a Huge Mistake" Collection! I had my eye on this whole set for ages, but I'm still pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed all seven of them. I also had a great time revisiting Arrested Development this week--next weekend is looking like a good time for a DVD marathon!

"Ten cents gets you nuts..."


  1. I love those small green and gold glitter particles in this polish, looks amazing on your nails!

  2. I love this polish and Arrested Development is just awesome!

  3. This looks amazing on you! Always wanted this one but wasn't sure I could pull off the yellow.

  4. This is super cute! It's such a happy-looking polish!

  5. This is a really cute polish! I'm not sure if yellow is the color for me but I love how it perfectly represents a banana.

  6. I love the color combo. How do you deal with peeling nails? That seems to be the result each time I return to polishing.
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy


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