10 January 2014

Wayback Nails: Daisy Nail Art

This month's Wayback Nails are a flashback to this daisy nail art. It was the first time I used acrylic paint in a manicure and I was so nervous--not to mention, a little dubious about all those claims about how much easier it is to work with--but after just one go, I was absolutely hooked!

daisy nail art flowers

This time I used Orly Gumdrop for the base and mixed my orange and yellow just a little bit mellower, but I didn't make a whole lot of changes this time around. Kinda wish I still had them on these last couple of days because I felt so cheerful  wearing these--every time I looked down at my hands I just kinda smiled.

I'm also just so wowed and humbled and stunned and completely blown away because--and huge thanks to Lakeisha and Elizabeth for making sure I heard about it--that original daisy manicure from last year actually became one of Pinterest's Top Hair & Beauty Pins of 2013! I just...I don't know who to thank or what to say...I'm absolutely speechless!

daisy nail art flowers

Fortunately I had these done a few days ago because I'm still not feeling great. My head isn't threatening to implode anymore and the fever's finally gone, but I'm still living on saltines and steamed carrots. My head and my heart are now pining for a big filet mignon, but my tummy is thinking, just maybe, we could do a little rice. >_<


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