21 January 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Seasonal Gradient

This week the TT theme is seasonal gradients. At first I had several "seasonal" ideas in mind...I thought about being contrary (for good or bad, it's usually my first instinct), choosing summer for my season and doing a fun, neon gradient. Or with Chinese New Year only about a week away I thought of doing red and gold...and then I thought, how about football season, with a glitter gradient of gold on black? Geaux, Saints! Any of these would have been fun, but in the end I decided to stay in January and take its birthstone, the garnet, as inspiration for my gradient, for my mom, whose birthday was earlier this month. (Husband's is in January too, but he already got a panda last week, so nuts to him. ;p)

staged brushstroke gradient

The polishes I used were Revlon Fire, Zoya Livingston, and OPI All I Want For Christmas..., mixing in a tiny touch of black to go darker at the tips. The idea was to do, instead of the usual, smoothly sponged gradient, a rougher, more hand painted look, going darker red in stages. I didn't make quite enough of a leap from shade to shade, though, so while these nails actually look really cool in person, the close-ups show them as kind of stuck between styles. From arm's length, though, they look syrupy-smooth, down to the eye-catchingly vampy tips.

garnet red nails

Definitely going to have to do these again soon--twice, in fact! I'd love to get a red gradient looking as nice close-up as these do at arm's length, and I really want to try this rougher, staged gradient again with shades that are more actually "staged" than I managed here. Tell you one thing, though--for someone who used to think I was "over" red nails, I really have come around. There's a reason red's a classic!

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  1. Oh that Zoya is beautiful! I never thought of doing a red gradient (I don't think I even have enough red polishes to do one :P )

  2. This is just perfect in so many ways!

  3. I've never seen a gradient done like this before, I love it! Inspired!


  4. Love your take on it! Beautiful colors :)

  5. I love that you did it off his birthstone! I also love the rougher gradients like this! Gorgeous.

  6. I am not a red fan at all, but I love this! The syrupy look is so cool.

  7. Fun take on the theme Elizabeth!! I love this mani!

  8. Such a great idea using the months birthstone! I never would have thought of that, but it's a perfect idea!!! Love this so much!

  9. Beautiful! I have been coming around to reds lately too. :)

  10. This is such a perfect gradient! I love the polishes you used :D


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