14 January 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Family Member

With a theme this week of "inspired by a family member," I did a manicure this afternoon just for Husband. He's been beyond great during this past week-and-change, making sure I keep my fluids up and eat what and when I can, so I decided to take today's prompt as a way to say thank you by--hopefully--punching him in the face with cuteness.

dotted manicure with panda accent nail

Pandas are Husband's kryptonite. He simply can not resist the power of their cute, and I thought he'd like this design by Renierainyday. Her video uses pink, but blue is his favourite colour, so I went with Bandi Jade Blue, a polish he actually brought home for me from a trip to Seoul. The white is Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and the black is China Glaze Liquid Leather.

This past week has not been kind to my cuticles, but the nails achieved their desired effect. When he got home from work and noticed these, his head pretty much asploded. Stopped dead in his tracks and for a brief time, completely lost the power of speech. So, mission accomplished, yay! Now if I can just shake the rest of this flu bug we'll be in business... Hope my fellow Twinsies are enjoying a flu-free Tuesday morning!

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  1. LOVE polka dots! They look so good. The blue base is gorgeous. Great colour choices.

  2. This is such a lovely nail art! It looks wonderful :)

  3. This is really cute! I hope you feel better soon. My husband was diagnosed with the flu yesterday and I'm at the doctor with my 9 year old now.

  4. This is beyond adorable! I love that blue polish!

  5. oh my gosh, this is exploding adorableness!

  6. Aww, I'm sure he liked it - I surely do!

  7. I'm sure your husband liked it, it is so cute...! :-) Perfect manicure! :-)

  8. This is so adorable i can't even deal!! And your hubby sounds like a sweetie!

  9. 'Punching him in the face with cuteness...' That is my single favorite quote of the week. Plus I love the mani!'

  10. omgoodness this is ADORABLE!!! I loveee animal manicures so I might have to copy this in the near future!

  11. Your mani is so cute!! I love that your hubby loves pandas ;0).

  12. Aw this is too sweet! hehe. The panda is adorable! :D

  13. oh, i bet he melted of cuteness, mission accomplished ;)
    this is super cute *.*

  14. Your panda is sooo adorable <3. I saved photo as inspiration, I'll do it myself as soon as posible.

  15. These are so stinkin adorable!! Feel better soon dear!

  16. Awe! I love it!!!! Hope you're feeling better and better every day!


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