20 December 2013

Wayback Nails: Christmas Poinsettias

This month's trip into the wayback machine is a visit to the first ever manicure I did where instead of a dotting tool or a toothpick or sponge, I used an actual paintbrush to do nail art. The design was Christmas poinsettias, based on this Robin Moses video, and while I knew it was going to be a long time before I felt proficient with a paintbrush (correct, given how easily I'm still thwarted by super-complicated things like, say, lines and circles), I also knew I was going to have a lot of fun learning--and I still am!

Christmas nail art poinsettias

As before, I started with a base of white (this time, Pure Ice Superstar) with a layer of Orly Au Champagne to soften it just a little bit. But this time around I used acrylic paint instead of nail polish for the flowers and leaves. Still went with Zoya Ziv for the little gold dots in the centers, though. I always, always love Zoya Ziv.

Christmas poinsettia nail art

I definitely see an improvement in nail shape over last year's poinsettia nail art, but it's possible I've slipped back into "own worst critic" territory again because I was hoping to see a little more improvement in the actual flowers in a year's time, especially since acrylic paint is so much easier to work with. Husband fussed at me long and hard, though, when I said I wanted to do these over again, so I'm going to leave off further comment, say a big thank you to him for the encouragement, and post away.

PS: Heather did an adorable version of these with China Glaze Poinsettia!


  1. Your husband did well to encourage you to post this manicure, it is beautiful! :-)

  2. Quite similar! The latter are better shaped, but the starting point was already super well done!

  3. Oh wow, these are absolutely beautiful!

  4. clever hubby, glad you've obeyed :D


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