31 December 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Something New

The TT group is closing out the year with "something new" on New Year's Eve, so that's exactly where my nails went. I thought about doing a composite skittle like last year with some different designs in gold and black, but my favourite part of New Year's Eve was always the countdown, watching that big, sparkly ball of light make its way towards midnight. So this year and to celebrate "something new," I did the New Year's Eve countdown ball in sparkly, silver glequins.

New Year's Eve nails with silver glequins

The base polish for these is Orly Dazzle, a shiny, fantastic foil with a formula that's super easy to work with. As much as I've been talking up Zoya Ziv lately as my go-to gold, I feel the same way about Dazzle for silver.

After polish, the glequins! I think I'm getting better at them maybe? I know they're still a ton of fun to wear (oh em gee, the sparkle!). While I was doing these, the idea occurred to do a multi-coloured accent nail, like the ball in Times Square is now, but I worried that it might be a little much. And then I nodded my head because yes, I was sticking all this glitter to my nails, piece by eye-squinting piece, precisely in the name of not-too-muchery. So, I rainbowed up the ring finger, and it was thoroughly fabulous. Only, it didn't look especially "New Year's" anymore, so despite the fabulosity, I went back to silver to be more like the classic New Year's Eve countdown ball, before it went all LED and stuff. Or possibly when I just imagined it as an emormous, disco, mirror ball. Whichever way. Sparkly New Year!

silver glequin New Year's Eve nails

Happy New Year's Eve to my fellow Twinsies and to everybody who has stopped by Did My Nails in 2013! It's been an amazing year that wouldn't have been nearly as fun without y'all. Here's to a wonderful 2014!

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  1. Elizabeth, these are exactly what I think of when I think of a New Years Mani - it's GORGEOUS!

  2. Aww, this is super blingy and perfect for a party - Happy New year to you!

  3. This is amazing Elizabeth!! Awesome job!

  4. Elizabeth -did u see one of your pics is on the list of most pinned!! It is a mint green w big white flowers!!!

  5. How sparkly! Your glitter placement is beautiful! Happy New Yea, Elizabeth!

  6. Stunning new years' nails here! Wow!!

  7. wow how sparkling this is, love it *.*

  8. Beautiful sparkly disco mirror ball manicure! Perfection! :-)


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