10 December 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Something Borrowed

Our last four TT themes of the year are the wedding "somethings," as in old, new, borrowed, and blue. This week's is Something Borrowed, but rather than do something totally sensible like borrow a polish from a friend...or use Essie Borrowed and Blue, because how perfect, right?...I decided to let Google be the boss of me.

Typing "Something Borrowed" into Google Images returned about eight jillion copies of this poster (only a slight exaggeration). I don't know the movie, probably because I live overseas, but I took it as my cue to pull out the striping tape and try some colour blocking.

tape manicure colour blocking

It was a pretty thin line between movie poster and nail art too--this colour-blocked design was practically made for striping tape, and I've been meaning to try this look for ages. Some people manage to get such crisp and perfect lines with their striping tape, and I still need more practice before I'm close to that. Thankfully, nobody was looking at my nails today from three inches away; at arm's length, any little wobbles and glitches were practically invisible!

color blocking with striping tape

Over Bandi Snow White, I taped out the boxes and then filled in half with Skinfood BL003 (Green Bean Milk). For the others I used Skinfood PK002 (pink), Essie Pretty Edgy (green), OPI Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? (great purple, but that punctuation makes me gnash my teeth so hard... Dear OPI, if you're going to insist on using apostrophes, please, please learn where they do and do not go), and Bourjois Jaune trendy (deep yellow).

striping tape manicure

This is definitely a look I need to try out again--it would look so great with so many colour combinations, and with luck, a little more practice should see those stripes looking nice and crisp. I hope my fellow Twinsies had as much fun this week with their Something Borrowed!

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  1. Nice!!! I like it, beautiful colours! :-)

  2. well done :) once i had a shoes in this style :))

    blog she.is.the.one

  3. What a great interpretation from the movie to mani! Such a good movie!

  4. I love that you always think outside the box! And your mani's always turn out amazing :) Love this color-blocking, and I think I've seen that movie, but can't really remember?!

  5. I love what you did for this! The mani is very creative and really cute too. I love that movie.

  6. It's super pretty, I love the color combo!

  7. Great interpretation of the theme! Love the color blocking.

  8. Ooh haha! I love your Something Borrowed mani!

  9. I love your interpretation for this theme, these are so cute!

  10. I love your theme interpretation here! So cute!


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