17 December 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Something Blue

This week's TT "something" is Something Blue, and since we're closing in on Christmas (yikes, we really are closing in!) I decided to merge the theme of "blue" with some Christmas nail art...

winter snow nail art

A month or so ago I wore these blues as a gradient with a little glitter on top and loved how the result looked a little bit like a snowy, winter sky, so I decided to do it again--only this time, I went with some actual snow in a little holiday/seasonal scene...and I think I inadvertently wound up with a mash-up of two manicures I've enjoyed lately, by Kayla Shevonne and Raggio di Luna Nails...which I don't mind at all because I thought the originals were totally adorable!

The night sky is a triple gradient of Sally Hansen CSM Jungle Gem, Sally Hansen CSM Please Sea Me, and Nicole by OPI Alex By The Books, and then I swooped on some snowy tips in Pure Ice Superstar. The trees and falling snow are acrylic paint, a dotting tool, and my tiniest of tiny brushes.

Christmas nail art

I can't help but laugh at myself a little because I got so into my little trees that I used two greens to get them looking all highlighted and stuff...and then went and half-covered them up with snow. I'd also like to congratulate myself on combining minty teal, teal-skewing navy, and true white polish with my own pasty-pink skin tone, a combination that rendered my camera's white balance utterly and completely unable to cope. Details aside, though, I was really happy with how these turned out. I just hope I can manage another Christmas design or two in the next few days because I honestly did not realize how close it's getting... Panic mode, engage!

Hopefully my fellow Twinsies are having a much more relaxed time, enjoying their pretty, blue somethings!

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  1. Ah this is lovely altogether! Brilliant mani.

  2. Love this!!! The trees are perfect!

  3. beautiful! i love this type of design :D

  4. So much gorgeous!!!! <3 Elizabeth, your nails are always wonderful :D

  5. What a beautiful landscape! Your trees are so cute!

  6. I hope the landscape outside my house looks like your nails on Christmas Eve! Love them :)

  7. well done dear, this manicure looks awesome :D

  8. Talk about cutest nails for the prompt! I love these Elizabeth :)

  9. I love your gradient base and the manicure is beautiful! :-) Thanks for linking to my post! :-)

  10. These are gorgeous! I love your winter scene mani!

  11. Perfection! Looks like a Christmas card ;)


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