03 December 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Holiday "Gift"

This week the Twinsies are bossing each other around again, and the theme is holiday gifts...gift being a nice name for some new marching orders to challenge the recipient. My assignment came from the lovely Heather, who challenged me up good and hard with "water marble Christmas tree."

Christmas nail art

I haven't done a water marble in ages, and I definitely hadn't tried to make specific shapes before, so this was most definitely a challenge! Such a challenge that my index finger went way off the rails, necessitating a back-up plan...but I actually think the candy cane nail art there (OPI Big Apple Red with Orly Crisp White nail art striper) makes for a cute contrast, so I'm hereby declaring it a totally on purpose accent nail.

The water marble Christmas trees are Essie Pretty Edgy and Essie Going Incognto, with Zoya Ziv dots (thanks to Colores de Carol for that inspiration!) and some gold, glitter stars that I liberated from another polish. Hopefully this is at least close to what you had in mind, Heather! I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's gifts...and to see how Kelly's "seasonal animal print" turned out!

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  1. I suck at watermarbling. This is beautiful!

  2. You did a great job with this challenge! Water marble Christmas tree was a success :)

  3. WELL! I think you did a pretty FABULOUS job on this, I had no doubts about it! This is so pretty! And the accent nail is the perfect contrast!

  4. Looks fantastic, the marble is perfect and tree like it is!! The additional dots, stars and candy cane are so cute!! :)

  5. Super perfect! I love the idea of marble Christmas tree! :-)

  6. And I thought I was tough! Heather really made you work for it this week! Great job.

  7. Dang that water marble is gorgeous!

  8. This is such a pretty manicure :)

  9. Amazeballz! You never cease to amaze me!

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous!! Awesome job!

  11. You totally blew it out of the water! Your marble trees are amazing!!

  12. EEEEEEEE I love this!!!! :D I suck so much at water marbling! XD This looks PERFECT! :D

  13. You totally nailed this. omg Elizabeth! I can't get over how awesome this looks!


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