21 December 2013

Sparkling Snowflakes

More Christmas nail art today, with some stamping practice too! Like the snowy tree gradient I did on Tuesday, this is another look that's more seasonal than holiday-specific, but then I'll take any excuse to leave the flat with my nails all blue and sparkly. To be honest I wasn't even aiming for winter when I started this manicure, but then things just kind of...(oh, no. inadvertent pun incoming)...snowballed.

snowflake nails for Christmas

See, what had happened was (a phrase that, in my head, is always said in Will Smith's voice...), these nails started as a jelly sandwich, but then I couldn't resist another layer and a half of glitter, and the sparkle was amazing. And then I thought, "Ooh, it's December, nearly Christmas. How about adding some snowflakes?" But then I was like, "Hmm, that might be a little too much." Which made me all, "Wait, 'too much'? Is that even a thing?"

I thought the stamped snowflakes would be a bit more subtle, though, and kinda sneak in all winter ninja-like while the eyeball is busy handling all that glitter.

Christmas snowflake nails

The blue is Nfu Oh JS14, a faded denim jelly. The glitter is OPI Servin' Up Sparkle, which I need to wear a lot more often because the holographic sparkle is insane. And then on top of all that I used one of the two snowflake images from Konad stamping plate m59, along with Konad stamping polish in white.

Christmas snowflake stamping

The snowflakes really don't stand out much at first glance, but I kinda really like that. The overall look is just sort of soft and sparking and little bit lacy, and then hey, it's falling snow! And I love these all the more because they just sort of happened this way. Even the stamping managed to go where I wanted it to without smudging or acting weird and stuff! All in all, a nice surprise all around.


  1. It's so beautiful and i love the glitter used in the mani like this!

  2. This is so so pretty!!! It's soft and sparkly and girly. I love it!!!!

  3. The whole manicure is perfect, the colours, the glitter, the stamping, everything!

  4. Love the base color and design. Great post!

  5. I love how subtle the snowflake stamps are! The whole mani is gorgeous!

  6. I hate snow in real life, but these are beautiful!


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