09 December 2013

Rose Nail Art in Raspberry Pink

In a move that surprised absolutely no one who knows me, I was gripped by an inescapable compulsion to do some flower nail art--specifically, roses--over the same base colour I've been using for ages. Seriously, I can't stop myself...

flower nail art

I reallyreally hope y'all aren't sick to death of roses because I'm still having so much fun playing with them! I've done similar flowers before--a few times, at very least--but this time I wanted to see if I couldn't try to make them a little softer and more swirly. Basically, a little more romantic.

rose nail art

Once again, my base of choice was OPI My Vampire Is Buff, and it continues to be one of my favourite bases EVAR. Also once again, the flowers and greenery are acrylic paints.

Sometimes I love a bolder, more modern look, but I tried to go softer with these. My strokes were a little wispier than usual, and I think I managed to get a little more of that "romantic" angle I was going for...at least, it seemed to work with a few of them, and considering I still can't draw a circle or a straight line to save my life, I continue to be delighted any time I manage to paint a thing that actually looks like a thing.

floral nail art

So yes, more roses! More flower nail art! Vampire Buff again! Apparently this compulsion isn't quite ready to let me go.


  1. This is beautiful! Your rose designs are always stunning.

  2. Love it! Your roses are always gorgeous and trust me...you aren't the only one in love with My Vampire is Buff :)

  3. spring on your nails, i can almost smell it outside ;)

  4. Oohh super gorgeous!!! I love roses and I'm so lame doing them. I really should buy My Vampire is Buff, everyone loves it!


  5. It's so beautiful, and I look forward to spring too :)

  6. Oh my goodness these are absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. These are gorgeous!


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