13 December 2013

Christmas Pudding Nail Art Tutorial

Last year an enormous Christmas pudding in The Nutcracker ballet inspired my Christmas Day post...but with the clock ticking at just half an hour before we had to hit the road, I was scrambling so hard to schedule the post that I didn't even get to top coat, much less spend a little time actually enjoying those nails. One of the main things about seasons, though, is the way they tend to come around again, and this year I decided that I would actually get to wear my Christmas pudding nails long enough to let them dry and stuff. So fancy!

Christmas pudding nail art

I also took pictures along the way, so if you're interested, please join me after the page break for a Christmas pudding nail art tutorial!

First, paint your nails a nice, rich brown (I used OPI Warm Me Up from this year's holiday collection). You don't need to worry about going all the way up to your cuticles--in fact, it's probably better if you don't bother, since you're going to cover that area with icing anyway. Yay for shortcuts!

Christmas pudding nail art tutorial

Once your brown is dry, get out your white polish (here, Sinful Colors Snow Me White) and a med/lg dotting tool. If you don't have one, even a simple Q-Tip would work fine for this part. Use it to dot/dab some white in an arch across the top and into three drips, one on each side and a third that's slightly off-center.

Connect the drips...

Christmas pudding nail art tutorial

And then fill it in. You may need to go over this part again if your white isn't opaque enough to cover on the first coat, but don't go so thick that it becomes a lumpy, gloopy mess that doesn't wanna dry.

Christmas pudding nail art tutorial

After the white has had time to dry, use a medium dotting tool (or a dried-up ballpoint pen...) and a deep red polish to dot your berries (Jessica Winter Berries seemed an appropriate choice). Try to choose a red--and a green for the leaves--that's opaque and pigmented enough to cover the white relatively easily.

Christmas pudding nail art tutorial

Next it's time for those holly leaves. With your green polish (Bandi City Green for me) and a small dotting tool (or a blunted toothpick, even), you want to stipple a tiny shape of a holly leaf. The idea is to dab yourself a shape like this...

...and then fill in the middle if needed. Given how small these leaves really are, though, don't worry if it isn't perfect. I know mine aren't!

Christmas pudding nail art tutorial

Home stretch time, you're almost done! All that's left is to give it some time to dry again (you don't wanna smudge!), top coat, and take care of any necessary clean-up...

Christmas pudding nail art tutorial

...and that's it! Your Christmas pudding nails are finished!

Christmas pudding nails


  1. I agree with Loz, very delicious! :-)

  2. cool, i must try this, thanks for the tut :D

  3. so cute! great finish result!!! im going to have to try these. thanks for the tutorial.

    1. I know yours would look amazing (your nail art always does!)--thank you so much, Lydz! ^_^


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