28 November 2013

Thanksgiving Day Nails

I had several ideas in mind for this year's Thanksgiving Day nail art, but then I saw this fantastic design from Robin Moses and just had to go for it...

Thanksgiving day nails

I don't really feel like I nailed it (ugh, I groan every single time I use that phrase now--sorry!), but I still love the colours, all brown and red and orangey-gold, with the bold, black branches, and the grey (with just a touch of blue added to it) really makes for some nice, cool contrast. And all of it stands out nicely over OPI My Vampire Is Buff, aka one of the greatest nail art bases of all time.

autumn leaves nail art

Unfortunately I'm not really getting to celebrate Thanksgiving this year--or as the Japanese department store downstairs calls it, "Thankful Day"--but I am looking forward to this evening. Husband and I are are joining some friends for a quick dinner at Wah Cheong (which I accidentally called "Wang Chung" once and now have trouble calling by its real name) before we go see Catching Fire. I liked the first movie but didn't wholeheartedly love it, but I've heard some good things about the sequel--plus I can't wait to see Elizabeth Banks as Effie again. She was easily my favourite part of The Hunger Games!


  1. Lovely - I wish I had time to try to do something to mine for today - been up cooking since 6! Don't think any mani would hold up to what I have to do with my hands today! Have a nice Turkey Day.

  2. I like your manicure! :-) Yes, Robin Moses is a great source of inspiration, sometimes I get green of envy watching her working and seeing how easy it seems... :-)

  3. This is gorgeous :D I hope you enjoyed Catching Fire!

  4. That is a really good nail art base color! I wanna see this sequel so bad haha


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