21 November 2013

Oktoberfest 2013

Once again we hit Oktoberfest at the Marco Polo Hotel, and per annual tradition, we hit it in November. Actually we didn't just hit it this year--we shut that sucker down and had to be shooed out the door by security like a small flock of somewhat tipsy chickens (it was a Bierfest, after all...Let's hear it for Hong Kong's public transportation and taxi swarms, for getting us revelers home safely as always!).

Oh yeah, and I did some nails for the occasion!

Oktoberfest nails

I pared the design down a little from last year's nails, thinking I wouldn't have time to do the separate designs on each finger...but then I forgot to factor in placing the glequins, so I probably ended up taking longer...but whatever, time spent prepping for Oktoberfest is time well spent!

Again, the golden, beer yellow is Bourjois Jaune trendy (no idea why they don't capitalise 'trendy' but there you have it), with Revlon Gold Jewels for the bubbles. I started with a coat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for the foamy tips as well, but then I had a brainstorm. I top coated, then did the tips with OPI Solitaire instead, and the results were awesome--the texture of the Liquid Sand made my foam all foamy!

Oktoberfest nails

For accent nails, my thumbs and ring fingers were sparkly German flags. Over Nfu Oh 132 (black), I did the stripes with individually placed glequins in gold, red, and...well, and clear at the top, since I don't have black glequins, but without macro camera mode and this bright, direct light, the clear was a perfectly cromulent stand-in.

So yes, Oktoberfest nails again, and we're already looking forward to next year--see you then, Marco Polo!


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