22 November 2013

My Vampire is Floral

I do a lot of flower nail art, and most of the time I go with roses. I've started keeping a folder of inspiration pics, though, to help me branch out and try some different designs, just random things that catch my eye, like this floral fabric swatch...

...which turned into a bright, floral manicure.

floral nail art

I started with OPI My Vampire Is Buff, which is just an awesome base for nail art, and everything else is acrylic paints. I didn't really worry about getting all the different, intricate little flowers copied just so, but I did really like how the grey and purple ones turned out.

flower nail art

Aaaaand yep, that's pretty much the true and gripping tale of my latest flower nails! Come to think of it, I really should peek through that inspiration folder more often!


  1. LOVE LOVE it!! Such a gorgeous mani!!

  2. This is really pretty. I love the details of the flowers. c:

  3. This is so gorgeous Elizabeth!!! Love love love the bright colours and just how pretty the flowers are!! :)

  4. It is so pretty - well done as usual :)

  5. So purdy! and I love the color combo!

  6. Oooh this is so beautiful! Love those flowers! :D

    ~ Yun

  7. So lovely! I hope you did your other hand and wore it for a few days! I bet you got a lot of compliments :)


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