25 October 2013

Wayback Nails: Candy Corn Gradient

Happy Almost Halloween! With just a few days left before The Great Pumpkin makes his annual visit to all the pumpkin patches of the world, it's also time for this month's Wayback Nails, so I decided to go with the nail art that finally got me into the Halloween spirit last October and do another candy corn gradient!

candy corn gradient nails for Halloween

Just like last year, I hit my trusty trio of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, OPI In My Back Pocket, and OPI Need Sunglasses? for this Halloween-hued gradient. In My Back Pocket, the orange, is still chugging along, but true to forecast I'm on to new bottles of both the yellow and the near-white since last year...and I'm actually surprised to realize it's been well over a year since I fell in love with MBSW, aka The Greatest (Almost) White Polish EVAR. I can't believe I missed our anniversary, baby, but you still rock my world.

candy corn Halloween nail art

candy corn Halloween nails

This past year has actually made quite a difference in Halloween's prevalence here in Hong Kong. It's still nowhere near as huge as in the US, but the grocery stores have put up Halloween candy displays (containing actual bite-size Western chocolates, which, bonus!), and the grocery downstairs from me even has a decorative mini-pumpkin/gourd selection! I think Hongkers might have finally realized that Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to sell people things, and if you can do that while dressing your kids (erm, selves...) up in cute little outfits, then you're pretty much going to be a lock in this town.

Sadly, the stores have yet to discover the seasonal magic of candy corn.


  1. gorgeous my dear :D
    love the way those three colors look together :D

  2. I love this! It's really cute.

  3. Ah I just love My Boyfriend Scales Walls :D This looks great, Elizabeth!

  4. These look fab! I only had candy corn for the first time last year...love the nails but I'm going to pass from now on when it comes to the actual candy :P


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