01 October 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: What's Your Sign?

Welcome to another Twinsie Tuesday! This week our topic is "What's Your Sign?" and...and to be honest, I don't think I've ever been more conflicted about a manicure. See, I'm a Pisces, so I was thinking a sort of sparkly fish scale design would be cool, and running snugly alongside that idea is the thoroughly '70s vibe that goes along with asking that groovy question, "What's Your Sign?" Thus the story in my mind grapes went something like, "Shiny scales... the '70s... sparkle... disco... ZOMG, THIS." Yes, I would change the colours just a little to be a tiny bit more fish-like, and the result would be Disco Pisces win! Or possibly not.

glequins Below Deck

I clearly have a lot to learn about how to place those little glequins to get the full, lush mermaid's tail effect, and honestly, the end result looks nothing like fish scales or a disco ball. So, while I was definitely inspired by the theme, I can't give myself a passing grade for actually conveying the theme. At all.

On the other hand...my nails are literally dazzling, a total glitter-palooza, and how could I not love that?!

China Glaze Below Deck with glequins

My base colour here is China Glaze Below Deck, which I decorated with individually placed glequins in silver, lavender, rosy pink, and champagne gold, and before I do these again I seriously need to figure out how to light the room so that I can see what I'm doing without blinding myself in the process. I'm thinking sunglasses might be involved. These nails were just throwing sparkle everywhere!

glequin nails

So, Pisces or astrology? Not even a little bit. But I really, really loved them! Definitely going to try this look again sometime soon. Hopefully my fellow Twinsies had more luck than I did with the actual assignment!

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  1. I love that :P The base is so unusual but it's really sophisticated!

  2. I am SO getting the disco vibe. You're crazy girl! How long did this take??

  3. It turned out well! Placing all those glequins is a huge time committment; I usually stop at an accent nail. lol

  4. Oh hi! I'm glad you liked my mermaid nails! You did great here, great job, and thanks for the credit :D:D:D:D

    Yay for glitter!

  5. The base color is gorgeous and I loving how bedazzled this looks!

  6. I love your thought process behind this! LOL The end result is gorgeous!! <3

  7. This mani is so cool! I love the glitter.

  8. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous mani! Looks so sparkly and awesome!

  9. Gorgeous!! Yayy my fellow Pisces.

  10. I totally get the disco vibe you were going for here! This is an amazing mani! Must have taken forever to place all the sequin pieces though!

  11. So lovely and sparkly!!! :D YAY!!

  12. Zomg is right, this is insanely awesome!

  13. These are so gorgeous! How long did it take you to place all the sequins?

  14. So pretty and shiny! You have lots of patients :)

  15. This is stellar! I would love to try to do glequins but I know I wouldn't have the patience.

  16. Wow I don't know how she did hers...it must have taken a long time! I think yours came out great!! :D

  17. This looks fantastic! I'm a Pisces too, definitely login this look. And you're a HK expat wifey too? Our similarities are endless! XD

  18. So shiny!! ^.^ And that base color is beautiful!


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