29 October 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Space Inspired

I wanted so much to do something Star Trek or Doctor Who for this week's "Space Inspired" manicure, but I just couldn't shake the Halloween mood. Not that I tried very hard, given how long it took to get here again this year in the first place, so I gave it a good three or four seconds of intense deliberation and decided to go with Halloween-coloured galaxy nails. Whee!

Halloween galaxy nails

Galaxy nails are some of my favourite nail art to do. You never know just how they're going to turn out, and you can do them with just about any colours you want. My Halloween-hued galaxies started with a base of Nfu Oh 132 (black), over which I sponged a little Sinful Colors Snow Me White, then OPI Need Sunglasses? (yellow), Illamsaqua Radium (acid green), OPI In My Back Pocket (orange), OPI Planks A Lot (dusty lavender), Wet n Wild Disturbia (dark purple), and OPI The Color to Watch (iridescent purple duochrome).

After the sponged bits were dry, I hit my nails with China Glaze Golden Enchantment, gold-tinted sister polish of silvery Fairy Dust. Then came a few minutes of staring at the twinkly little stars... And I'm not sure how long that part lasted, but after I came out of the glitter trance (I'm distressingly susceptible to them) I dotted on some white stars and added one big, twinkling one to each nail with a striper.

galaxy nails for Halloween

In the end I don't know how Halloween these galaxy nails really are, but it was fun to try them out with some different colours. Please swing by some of the other TT blogs for more space-inspired nails!

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Edit: I just realized this is my 300th Post!
Woot and celebration! (^_^)


  1. I love that you did a Halloween galaxy, such an awesome idea!

  2. I love the background you created for you space :)

  3. Amazing galaxy nails and gorgeous colors! Love the Halloween inspiration.

  4. Ooh pretty...I love that you incorporated halloween colors! :D

  5. hope our milky way looks this way from distance ;)

  6. This is really stunning, Elizabeth! You did such a fantastic job on this! :D

    ~ Yun

  7. I love this! These are so gorgeous!!


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