15 October 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Most Hated Trend

In addition to being Day 3 of Pink Week it's also Twinsie Tuesday, and today's theme is our most hated nail trend. If I had to pick just one and only one it would probably be an exaggerated nail shape like duck feet, bubbles, or super-stilettos (like, the crazy long ones that look like they would snap off if you bumped your fingers into a thicker than average piece of paper), but I couldn't figure out how to alter the shape of my nails that dramatically for just one manicure without risking major damage ("Major Damage"). So, I reined the imagination back in and focused on nail polish, and I realized there really is a polish trend I am super hostile towards...and it is most definitely available in pink! I'm talking about frost.

frosted pink nail polish

Please join me for ranting and more pics, after the break!

More than a shimmer that's gone awry, frost is, in my book, a polish that came out wrong. When you've added so much shimmer that the brush has to sludge through it like a zen garden rake, you've gone too far. And the only possible point I can see to brushstrokes is to show off every single little hesitation and wobble you've made during application. I actually repainted two of these nails because the first efforts looked so juvenile and sloppy, thanks to those particles just sloshing around and lining up all awkward-like.

And then if the frost weren't enough? Sweet, fancy Moses, it's rose-scented too! I can not do rose-scented, so there's two, Two, TWO hated trends in one! I mean, vanilla scented? Love. Other-scented? I'm more than happy to discuss it. But rose-scented anything is a suffocating express train straight to olfactory hell.

pink frost nail polish by Arezia

Hooray for Sasa's bargain bins because I was able to pick up this textbook frost on the crazy-cheap. I will say that if you're looking for a frosty, pink, rose-scented polish, this is definitely a good one! My personal feelings about frostiness and rose-scenting aside, honestly. It went on easily, good consistency, opaque in three, and they're two for about a buck-twenty USD.

It took so much self-control--especially with my hand reeking of rose farts--not to rush any top coat over this. Because with the brush strokes minimized, some frost-leaning polishes can take on a much more appealing, pearly sheen. I wanted to make sure it got nice and dry to really showcase all those gougey strokes inherent in the finish, though...and then I couldn't take it and had to try to see if I could make it look somehow less 1970s.

snowflake nail art

I sponged on another coat of polish to try to break up the strokes. I added some glitter and even some snowflake nail art. I gave the whole thing some matte top coat. But I don't know if it's any better. When it comes to frosty nail polish--even when it doesn't reek--I just can't.

The scented polish fad may or may not be one that sticks, but I thought we were, pretty much as a species, past the frosted polish age. Judging by this fall's collections, though, it may be trying to make a comeback. All I can say is, please, just no.

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And because it's Pink Week, I have another piece of breast cancer info to share...

I've seen different figures on that percentage, but the point is clear--the overwhelming majority of diagnoses occur in people with no family history of the disease, so please discuss early detection strategy with your physician.


  1. Completely agree! I hate frosty polish

  2. Frosts are so hit or miss, but yeah, this is definitely not good, lol.

  3. I hate frost too! I do love it on your nails, but frosty polishes are a big no no in my book!

  4. hahaha! I don't do rose scents either! give me some pumpkin spice or vanilla any day! I don't care for frosty polish either! if I want some frosty, I'll go to Wendy's! LOL

  5. Gah!!!! I hate frost!!! Is there really a demographic that actually likes these awful, brushstrokey, 1980's throwbacks? Honestly, I think not. I love your snowflakes though :)

  6. What a great post! I was laughing so much while reading it! (In the best way, of course.) Thank you for the HIMYM joke and yes, I saluted!

    I agree with you about the rose scent, not about the frost finish. Sorry, but I love frost! Give me frost! ;)

    I actually had to google those nail shapes. Dear, god! Why would anyone do that!? I knew about the duck feet, I just called them shovel-nails in my head and crazy loooong nails aren't new either, but bubbles? Just... why?

  7. Oh god frost! >:O I think my most hated would be texture polishes (I just can't embrace them), but frost is a very close second!

  8. Ugh! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I HATE frost polish but ESPECIALLY in pink. It's just flat out insipid looking.

  9. Aaaaah FRICKIN FROST!!! LOL you did make this wearable by the end.I love your snowflakes!

  10. I agree, I hate frosty polish.

  11. Ahahahaha....this polish is awful! Yucky :)

  12. I have to agree with you on the frost polish! Hahaha, I'm ashamed to say I still own one or two of them (I can't throw anything out)

  13. Ugh, frosty polish. Double ugh, scented frosted polish.

  14. I'm not a fan of frosts either!! Love the nail art you did it's it though. Super pretty!!

  15. I'm neutral when it comes to frosts, but you just reminded me of my dislike for scented polishes.

  16. haha frosts! How I dislike how you can see the brush strokes with these types of polishes...you also reminded me that I'm not a fan of the scented polishes...lol the theme this week is an interesting one to see with the Twinsies!

  17. ugh, I can't stand frosts either! unless they are sponged over with another color. and rose-scent - blah! no me gusta!

  18. Im about to vomit just looking at the frost.....

  19. I thought about going with a frost finish polish too! That shit died 2 decades ago. Let it rest! I HATE pearl polishes!!! I own maybe one and only because it has my name in it, so I gave it a pass, lol!

  20. that was so hilarious!! =)


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