08 October 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Fluttershy Nail Art

With a Twinsie Tuesday prompt of "cutesy and girly," I knew exactly what I wanted--nay, needed--to do. Having recently, wholeheartedly embraced the wonder that is My Little Pony (like you do when you're a grown-up), my careful and deliberate consideration of the theme roughly went, "Yii! Ponies! Fluttershy is girly and she's so cute, and OMG, Fluttershy nail art!"

Yes, my inner child has staged a coup and is now in charge of the brain. I regret nothing. Because ponies!

My Little Pony Fluttershy nail art

Of course a manicure this girly almost has to have pink--at least for me--and I went with Nfu Oh 150 (it's such a classic, quintessential soft, light pink). The yellow is Jessica Banana Peel, which I'm definitely going to need to wear again because it looks like creamy, sweet banana pudding. For a pale yellow polish, it gave me surprisingly few fits! And before I go any further it occurs to me that for those of you who aren't six like me and therefore don't know who Fluttershy is, a picture might help...

Cute? Girly? Check.

My middle nail is Fluttershy's swooping mane, done with polishes, then outlined with acrylic paint. Likewise, her butterfly cutie mark (yes, that's what it's called. a cutie mark. shut up.) is pink polish dotted over the yellow with acrylic paint details. The other fingers got a gradient of the two main polishes with Spoiled Jewel Heist glitter. Pink and green with tiny highlights of blue and a hint of iridescence, Jewel Heist really needs to be dabbed to get decent coverage, but the colours are so adorable.

My Little Pony Fluttershy nail art

Hopefully these fit the "cutesy and girly" bill! On a tangentially related note...new site layout! I just felt like it was time for a little less of a springtime look...and then a day after I take down my pink butterfly layout, I go and do pink butterfly nails. Womp, womp. But still, I like the new digs. For now. No telling when I'll get that itch, though--sometimes it hits me in the middle of the night, and suddenly, Must Change Layout! NOW! And then I spend the next 24 hours obsessing over pixels instead of watching My Little Pony.

Really looking forward to seeing my fellow Twinsies' nails all cutesy and girly this week!

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  1. I really love the girlyness of the inspiration :)

  2. Oh.My.Effing.Gee! Looooooooove My Little Pony! This is flawless!!

  3. Ok the pinky and index are my absolute favourite! so so pretty

  4. Cute and girly? Mission accomplished! Like the new layout too!

  5. ELIZABETH you are so fabulous! Your mani is so rediculously adorable. I used to be so obsessed with My Little Pony when I was a little girl, can you imagine if someone could've put your design on our nails when we were little? I would've died and gone to heaven!!

  6. SO cute! Love the blend of pink and yellow

  7. This is so awesome! I love that you did your mani after My Little Pony. I still secretly love them :)

  8. YAY!!! :D this is so awesome!! :D My little pony, I used to wonder what friendship could mean, my little pony... XD

  9. This is so adorable! I love the colors you used!

  10. Your manicure is simply adorable! :-)

  11. It's perfect! Love everything about it!

  12. love it :D
    you're absolutely right, it's both girly and cute :D

  13. OMG this is absolutely stunning! LOVE!

  14. YES YES YES PONIES!!! I think Rarity is my favourite xD Your Fluttershy nails are AWESOME and HURRAH ANOTHER THING WE HAVE IN COMMON :D

    allcaps sorry, just so excited... xP

  15. Ah, this is gorgeous!! Love the pink and yellow color theme you used... definitely girly and sweet! :D

    ~ Yun

  16. These are so awesome! This is a gorgeous, gorgeous mani!!

  17. My Little Pony!!! I too am an adult MLP convert. Rarity is my favorite pony. :) This is an adorable mani!

  18. This is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Aww My Little Pony!! How cute!! This is super girly and cute, Elizabeth!


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