13 October 2013

Pink Week: Sponged Nails

This week, along with several other bloggers, I'm going to be posting in pink, in the hopes of promoting breast cancer awareness (which we feel is more important than promoting our blogs, so we won't be including a list of links). I decided to kick off Pink Week with some sponged nail art!

pink sponged nail art

I love this look--it always delivers such a rich, textured-looking result that looks like you spent way more time doing your nails than you really did. No, no, wait! I mean, I laboured for hours to get these done, and I had to have a bit of a lie-down after. Absolutely grueling! (Yeah, no. It's mostly just poking your fingernail with a sponge.) I also got kind of an '80s vibe off this particular manicure for some reason, which I can't explain, but I'm gonna pretend I totally mean to do that, because the '80s were, like, totally radical.

I started these nails with Revlon Cherries in the Snow, a total classic that leans very strongly pink on me. Then on top of that, I took some little ripped bits of cosmetic sponge, a whole bunch of pinks, and went to town, dabbing all around, making some areas lighter or darker, and not especially trying to blend them together at all.

pink sponged nail art

I'm not even sure how many different pinks I used, but the most prominent ones were Skinfood PK202 (Vita Line), Skinfood PK006 (Pink Milk, Milk Creamy Nail Line), and Nfu Oh 150 (pale pink). I also threw in some OPI Planks a Lot, as well as OPI The Color to Watch and OPI Significant Other Color, for some contrast and a little iridescent sheen.

And now for a little information...

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Early detection and treatment can greatly improve your outcome, though, so please learn how to perform a self-exam, do it every month, and encourage the other women in your life to do the same. This knowledge really is power!


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