19 October 2013

Pink Week: Brushstroke Manicure

I wanted to do some nail art for this last day of Pink Week, and I had a very specific idea in mind about what it was going to be. Then that idea led to a little embellishment, which led to a simplification, which led to a different approach entirely, and before I knew it I had wandered into an abstract brushstroke manicure.

brushstroke manicure nail art

It's been a long time since I did a brushstroke manicure (wow, almost a year to the day!), but I loved this one so much that I'm totally going to pretend it's what I'd planned to do all along. I'd also love to pretend it's the end result of hours of painstaking, careful work, but it's super easy and lots of fun. I need to remember to do these more often!

A whole range of pinks went into the stewpot. Light to dark, there's OPI My Very First Knockwurst, Revlon Cafe Pink, Skinfood PK006 Pink Milk, OPI Elephantastic Pink, Revlon Passionate Pink, OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips... and a dark pink Bourjois whose name has rubbed right off the label.

brushstroke manicure nail art

If you haven't done a brushstroke mani before and want to give it a try, I highly recommend Veronica's tutorial!

I really have enjoyed delving deep into the Helmer drawer for this Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Week. I'd like to thank Amanda very much for organizing and inspiring us, as well as everyone who's stopped by and commented. I'd also like to leave just one more important reminder...


  1. Looks lovely!! Really enjoyed pink week Elizabeth!! Well I love pink and all the breast cancer facts are very informative :)

    1. Thank you so much, Gillian, on all counts--I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!

  2. I love what you did with the pinks, it's very interesting! I need to try this myself :D Thanks for sharing~

  3. It looks fantastic! A little like pink chaos :) It's just gorgeous!

  4. This is so full of depth and just gorgeous!!

  5. This is such an awesome-looking mani! I love the brushstrokes!

  6. this looks really cool. must try it myself :D


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