29 October 2013

Frank and His Bride on Halloween

Illamasqua Radium went on my Wish List the second I saw this precious Bride of Frankenstein manicure by Kayla Shevonne, and I didn't want to let this Halloween go by without trying some Frankenfamily nail art of my own.

Frankenstein Halloween nail art

I was lucky enough to get Radium as a gift from Maribeth a little while back, and dang, do I absolutely love it. Thanks, MB! I'm partial to lime greens--the more toxic, the better--so I'd adore it for the shade alone, but the shimmer is just bananas too.

For the actual nail art, I did the stitches, hair, and eyelashes with my darling Orly nail art striper (Jet Black and Crisp White) and dotted the eyes with another black and white I had sitting around. I did remember after my Halloween faces last year that I need to clear coat between lime green and white if I don't want the white to go all yellow, but even with a generous application of SV--with the Bride's hair, even, on top of that!--I still had a bit of yellow tint. Nothing manicure-ruining or anything, but I still indulged in a spot of heart-felt profanity.

That and a couple of other tiny details had me debating whether to post these when Husband got home from work and literally went, "Awww!" at my nails, so Husband, this post's for you. Happy Halloween!


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