18 September 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: YouTube Tutorial

Thanks to an extravagantly rotten couple of days, my Twinsie Tuesday nails are a little late this week. Fortunately, the theme gave me a chance to immerse myself in something both challenging and adorable, some Little Twin Stars nail art based on this YouTube tutorial by IHaveACupcake!

Sanrio Little Twin Stars nail art

Things like faces and outlining (and filling in an area without it getting all choppy and blobby) aren't exactly my strong suits, so please kindly to be overlooking the smoodgy bits? Because even though the close-ups are a little unforgiving, it was so much fun to try something so different for me, and also I LOVE LITTLE TWIN STARS. And all those little smoodges around the stars and whatnot looked just fine from arm's length anyway, so I'm inviting my inner critic to pipe down for a change and just enjoy the cute.

Sanrio Little Twin Stars nail art

The base for these is Nfu Oh 150, my go-to light pink polish. KiKi and LaLa and the clouds and stars are all acrylic paints, and I followed up with quite possibly the two thickest layers of SV in history, in order to avoid smearing. It may not have all come out as perfectly as I might have hoped, but wow, given all the little detailing and outlining, it came out so much better than I feared. I found some other great tutorials that I want to try out soon too, plus it's hard not to cheer up when you've got Little Twin Stars on your nails, so all in all, time definitely well spent.

Looking forward to seeing what tutorials my fellow Twinsies decided to try!

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